Saturday, 10 July 2010

Trident 80C

Theres a beautiful looking console on ebay today. Its in California

The C range were IC based late 80s consoles, heres a thread on gearslutz about them, and here is a good Trident info site

Seller wants £16500. The ebay text:

This listing is for a vintage Trident 80C mixing console. The unit is 100% functional and it is in nice cosmetic shape as well. It was just gone over by a reputable tech here in Los Angeles and aside from a slightly loose master fader it's in great shape. It has 32 channels of Mic/Line inputs as well as 24 channels of monitor returns with EQ. The meter bridge is custom and looks very nice. The patchbays are built in TT bays and there is also a custom passive monitor selector that was added to switch between the mains and near fields. The board was purchased new and has only had one owner. It has been very well cared for in 1 studio environment it's whole life

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