Thursday, 22 July 2010

Neve 8128

Theres a nice Neve on ebay that ends today

The 8128 was Neve's first generation of IC based console, from the late 70s, early 80s. Its in Canada, with a BIN of £20k. From the seller:

This auction is for a Neve 8128 recording console that is currently decommissioned and packed in many boxed in our dust-free storage room. It is completely functional and will be for times to come as it was recapped in part in 1996 and in part in 2006. This is a 48 channel version with the particular 81 series matrix that allows pretty much any patching you can think of… Very versatile console. It has the GML automation set up all across the console, which works fine. It is rigged with 40 strips with Pre amps (the other 8 are line only or can be used as mix busses. This is a great mixing console that we have to sell because our studio will more likely be narrowed down to tracking rather than mixing. It was well-maintained and that is ready to ship. It has a very fat sound (slow transient, less punch than say an SSL) that has a particularly wide stereo image. I'd recommend it a lot for indie and rock projects as well as for hip hop. Not such a great console for Jazz and Classical.

We will personally deliver it pretty much anywhere in the North-East quadrant of America for free, and anywhere our van can drive for a minimal extra fee (up to California if we have to…)

It comes with all channel strips, 6 extra faders, GML computer, PSUs, producer's desk, 3 96 point Neve TT patchbays (+ 5 automated 48 pts patch built into the console) and all wiring in ELCO type connectors.

Please excuse the photos, as it is not commissioned, I have no way of taking a picture of it in one piece… So the first photo is one taken from "Primal Gear" that has sold this very console in the past. In other words, this is our console, about 10 years ago. Other pictures are genuinely taken by myself about 10 minutes ago!

Don't hesitate to as any questions. Thanks.

Payments by Paypal or Bank transfer.

Edit: After an overwhelming amount of messages concerning this board's history, I have to clarify that this board is most definitely not the one from London Bridge... The previous owner had made a wrong statement about the board's provenance which makes me also doubt of the validity of the statement about original owner, Cherokee Studios... In other words, now, I have no idea where it comes from! So long for this board's history that has now become a mystery! Sorry for the misleading, I had no idea!

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