Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Herbie Hancock's Neve 8068

I posted a picture of this amazing console before, but here is more info on it

Its up for sale at Sonic Circus for $175000 [£112000]. Heres the blurb:

Neve 8068 32 Channel Inline Vintage recording console. Custom EMI Black. Ex Herbie Hancock console. Custom Fred Hill Center Section Panel includes 8 Aux outputs, 16 Group outputs, Solo safe Channel AFL Monitor AFL, Mic/Line channel input selector, Tape in/Tape out multitrack monitor, Record/Remix mode, Mix Bus/Playback meters . Neve Penny and Giles faders with Solo in place. Audio Accessories 96 Point Bantam TT patchbays 25' Mogami looms to Elco/Edac multi pin connectors. Custom Elco Backplane. 32 x 31102 Class A selectable 3 band EQ, 32 x 32408 16 bus switching modules, 32 x 8 Aux modules with Pre/Post dual concentric switching with MKII Monitor to Mix Mod 1 x Oscillator Module 1 x Speaker Selector module, 1 x Mix to Aux module

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