Saturday, 10 July 2010


No, I'd never heard of them either


  1. Music Augmentation Voicing Instrumentation Systems. Made for David Hartstone of IES. Most notable use was for The Who Quad tour. Sound system by Bob Heil. Later purchased by LondonCity Ent. I own one of the regular 15 channel 4 track desks which is on display at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The picture shown of the quad desks was used by Emerson Lake and Palmer for the first California Jam.

  2. Eddy Offord was stil using his Mavis in upstate New York circa 1978 an d1979. He was set up at Bearsville's Turtle Creek Barn and in Leven Helm's house in Saugerties (the house that burned down).

    It's an all discrete desk, very Neve like, though I never had schematics to work with.

    Here's a picture of the console in the Turtle Creek Barn (not a good shot of me in the background).