Saturday, 24 July 2010

Auditronics Grandson 110a

Another ebay auction that just ended with 0 bids

The seller wanted rid of this board which had been blocking his garage for 15 years. Auditronics are very well regarded consoles, this one being a mid 70s IC job [5534 op amps], with inductor based eqs. These do get racked up so they must be quite good, for example by Pro Harmonic in Australia

The following two pictures are from Recording Consoles Of the 20C site

Its in Santa Cruz CA, and was unsold at just $200. There were a few questions from interested parties

From the seller:

Audiotronics 18x4 Broadcast Mixer Console

I will not respond to questions regarding what this is, how it sounds, how it compares to etc.(It never had a reputation as sounding in the same league as API, Neve or SSL).
I just want more space in my garage and want to sell it to someone with no effort, labor or time involved to someone who is happy to get a grab bag of parts that probably need some work, and only possibly all work together.

Auditronics 110a Broadcast mixing console, 18 input modules, 4 button and pan pot bus assign, 3 band (choice of 2 frequencies per band) EQ, 8 large analogue VU meters.

Bought at auction over 15 years ago to be sidecar, reputed to have come from ABC studios (Steely Dan recorded there, but probably on a bigger board). Set up and tested in the late 80’s, but never used, stored since then. It is probably over 30years old.

Sold abolutely as is, no recent testing has been done, no warranties at all except you will receive the mixing console and power supply. It weighs about 80 to 120 lbs, plus the power supply so I won’t even try UPS.
Pick up in Santa Cruz Mountains, no testing to be done at pickup. Possible delivery San Jose, SF Bay Area for negotiable $

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  1. IMHO: Auditronics are not great consoles and 5534 are not great chips...