Monday, 5 December 2011

Ward Beck

These don't come up very often

From the seller (Ontario, Can, BIN £5700) "ok kids, I'm selling my 48 as a 40 cause i need to keep 8 channels as spares for my 24. It is the one from the advertisement and was made for ABC Los Angeles back in the day. There is no patch bay, so getting this thing completely wired up would need someone with a lot of skill and patience. I was using it as a 48x2 with 6 sends. I wired directly onto the AB switches. the console uses a mixture of M460's and M460LA's. This thing is over-engineered to the point that every point on the console can be patched, and it is one of the only console in the world that is ompletely internally balanced (Neve, API are not!!!). There are appx 96 Edac Connectors on the bottom and it has built in DA's. This console is not for your home studio, its 9' long and weighs about 1600lbs loaded. Like every old console, you'll have to maintain it and get it up to speed on your own. I had to solder the insert points on the buckets closed so that i could run it as a mixer without building a PB. I want to sell it as a console, but if i can't then i will part it out and sell it that way. Pic 2 is the console in my studio last year working. I will include PSU's and any knowledge i have. This console was over $400k brand new. I went to replace one of the on/off switches on one of the channels and could do it with an $8 dollar switch, but an actual replacement switch was $106. There was no skimping on this thing, every part used was top notch. 460's are selling for $200/ea on ebay so if you bought this for the starting price, you would be paying for the channels and getting all the rest for free... This is a 6 month project for someone that really wants to make this the console it once was, but if you did it you would have a one of a kind monster untouched by anything anyone is making these days, including Mr. Neve and all the other people makin "summing mixers" and consoles... I'm listing as local pick up only, but shipping can be discussed. i had it shipped from LA to Canada a few years back, crating cost me $900 and shipping cost me another $1100. This thing is a pig. For all you Beck heads, the channels have the big black transformers, not the little silver ones."

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