Monday, 5 December 2011

Opamp Labs Celebrity Console

Its been a while since I posted over here (been too busy in the studio!) But to make up for it here is a very interesting looking deal on ebay

THE FOLLOWING TEXT IS TAKEN FROM THE EBAY AUCTION (seller f0lie, desk loc oregon, BIN £25k) Up for sale is an extremely rare 20x8x2 1973 Opamp Labs R2008-16MMO Recording Console and 10x4 sidecar. This console came from Randy Bachman's 1970's "The Barn" studio in Lynden, WA. The studio recorded some Beach Boys, Bachman Turner Overdrive, and many others. If you do a google search "Bachman Manor" hosted many famous musicians in the 1970's including Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys, members of the Beatles, and Sammy Hagar. All history aside, this console sounds amazing and on par with any vintage console on the market including any discrete API, NEVE, Quad Eight, Electrodyne, Sphere or Spectrasonics console from the same era. The console runs at +/-24VDC and has more headroom than an API console. All the EQ's use inductors giving the EQ a Pultec/Quad Eight smoothness not found in later IC chip designs. The microphone preamps sound punchy and full like a 1970's Quad Eight. According to Bob Olhsson of Motown fame: "Some of arguably the best sounding mixes of the 1970s (if not of all time) were made using the Opamp Labs-based console in Armin Steiner's Sound Labs mix room." This console was one of the rare Opamp Labs consoles built at the Opamp Labs factory by Bel Losmandy in Los Angeles - meaning the build quality is all top-notch. 20x8x2 Main Console (20) 360BM Microphone Preamps (20) 325EQ Equalizers (Indcuctor based, two band, stepped frequency selection) (20) Line inputs with optional Opamp Labs input transformers on each input 16 channel monitor section 4 echo sends (UTC output transformers) and returns (Opamp Labs input transformers) - All sends are pre/post selectable 8 busses with UTC A-22 output transformers (two outputs per buss for 16 track recording) 2 master outputs with UTC A-22 output transformers Solo/Mute/Pan/Buss selection on each input Direct outs on each channel through multipin connector Full talkback and comprehensive monitoring capability Built-in oscillator that automatically routes test tones to all the inputs or outputs 10x4 Sidecar (10) 360BM Microphone Preamps (10) 325EQ Equalizers (Indcuctor based, two band, stepped frequency selection) 4 echo sends and returns (pre/post selectable) 4 buss outputs Direct outs on each channel through 5 pin XLR The console comes with a box of spare opamps, full schematics, old photos of the console during construction, and original track sheets from "The Barn" studio in Lynden, WA. All the coupling capacitors have been replaced with high quality bipolar electrolytic capacitors (extending the low frequency) and 10 channels of EQ have been upgraded to use WIMA audiophile capacitors. The console has been in daily use at my home studio here in Portland, OR. The console has been fully restored, cleaned and is in excellent condition. Four new 901 relay modules and two 425C modules need to be purchased from Opamp Labs in LA, but I can handle that prior to delivery. Two button covers and two sub-selection switch knobs are missing from the sidecar but are also be available from Opamp Labs. The lightbulb covers for channel one (solo/mute indication) were missing when I purchased the console and replacing them was never a priority - since finding matching covers might be difficult - but I can do so if it is important to you. Although this console has been restored and has been in daily use, it's almost 40 years old so if you purchase the console I'd suggest being technically inclined or having the resource of someone who is at your disposal upon delivery to help you use and set up the console appropriately. That said, maintenance on this console is easy - if there's ever a problem with a channel you just swap out the opamps with a spare and you're back to recording. All the opamps used in the console are still for sale via Opamp Labs in LA, although the console comes with a ton of spares for the preamp, buss, and EQ modules - so I doubt you'll ever have anything that can't be handled quickly and cheaply. Terms of Sale 20% down within 5 days of sale. The full payment must be made within 30 days. With years of experience restoring consoles and using them for my own recordings I strongly suggest that I be present for the installation of the console. No value can be placed on the experience of someone who has actually used a console and has done troubleshooting an a particular desk. If I am not present when the console is installed and there happens to be freight/shipping damage- troubleshooting these problems over the phone is almost nearly impossible. Although I have been, and will be, willing to help with your installation either in person or over the phone, I can not guarantee your happiness and will not be responsible for someone else's negligence or lack of technical proficiency. This console has been fully refurbished and recording daily for the last year, so please check my feedback and bid with confidence. More pictures can be supplied via email. If you are serious about this console email me your phone number so that we can discuss the console at length over the phone. Shipping is fully your responsibility, although I would be willing to deliver it to somewhere in the western USA for a fee. Happy Holidays!

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  1. I build a custom version of this myself back in 1978. It's as good as they get. We couldn't afford an API or Neve. It sounds like an API and a Neve. Neve style in EQ which is different from that of the API. Mic preamp that sounds more like an API than it does a Neve. You can't go wrong with this.