Monday, 5 December 2011

Neve 5116

One on the bay:

FROM THE SELLER (in ardmore PA US, BIN £11.5k or offers) You are bidding on a Neve 5116 
A 36 frame console with 24 inputs/mic pres and 11 spare channels. Fully sweepable 4-band EQ's with high and low switchable shelves, hi and low filters as well as a gate / limiter / compressor section. There are up to 4 mains, 8 busses (6 class A), and 8 aux sends which can be pre- or post-fader.

Full TT patch bay and loads of Mogami Cabling. Enough to wire a LOT of outboard gear.
2 working power supplies and one spare.
Power supplies for flying faders (not functioning).
Original manuals and technical documentation.
6x Neve 33415 Class A line amplifiers on the buss outs


Originally used as a broadcast console. This Neve console has been used regularly by MilkBoy Recording studio since 2008. The console was serviced during installation to have the first 2 bays fully functional (24 channels) with the 3rd bay (ch 25-36) serving as parts (many with working pres/sends/returns/direct outs). Channels 1-24 were also re-capped during this process. There is a large input and output transformer on almost every channel. The console sounds and operates great. The console has served MilkBoy very well over the past 3 years, even having a Grammy winning track by Usher mixed through the board.  Please feel free to email any questions you may have.   Please be aware this console is also up for sale locally, and may be removed from listing at any time. The board can be picked up at our place of business in Ardmore Pennsylvania(right outside Philadelphia). We will ship within the continental U.S. via ltl shipping. Please feel free to email at any time for a shipping quote. Console will be shipped with full insurance

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