Monday, 5 December 2011

Sphere Eclipse

By the way theres a new blogger interface that I am using which doesnt work properly, thats why all the text has no break gaps and things! This is on ebay, but is being sold by console dealer Primal Gear I love the look of these things

From the seller (BIN £22500) "SPHERE ECLIPSE C VINTAGE ANALOG RECORDING CONSOLE AMAZING SOUNDING CONSOLE VERY RARE TO FIND...THIS CONSOLE IS PRICED TO MOVE.                                                                                   32 SPHERE ECLIPSE C
• 40 frame loaded 32 inputs
• LED Meters
• Completely serviced, recapped
• In-line
New wood on side panels and meter bridge
Loaded up with the classic vintage legendary Sphere graphic EQ's 
These consoles sound as good as vintage Neve or API


  1. Worked on one of these. Typical problem of old consoles that have been stored in a leaking U-haul truck in Gnashville for many years. Once I got it up and running, the main drawback was the way the patchbay is configured. Physically & electrically. I had to replace 4 of the 7 patchbay "jackfields" ( due to mouse piss )
    so, it was decided to re-configure the whole arrangement to slope down at an angle from the top of the meter bridge down to the armrest. This was done because it is nearly impossible to actually use the patchbay as originally built. Electrically, it's weird because the top jackfield is the mic inputs which have phantom power present all the time.

  2. That price (about $28,000 USD ) would not be out of line, as these are great consoles, if working properly. I think there were less than 100 ever built... maybe less than 50 "Eclipse C" models.