Monday, 5 December 2011

Neve Kelso

The cutest console ever! On the bay

From the seller (NY NY, starting bid £9500) Neve Kelso 10 channel console. The starting price is the minimum bid. Please do not make lower offers. This console does not have direct outs, though the rear panel is punched for XLR’s in preparation for adding them. Unit is in good working condition. Includes manual. Wooden packing crate is included in price. Console has original capacitors, and has discrete cards throughout. Nice, quiet console for recording or submixing. Uses high quality parts such as those used in 1081 and other hi end Neve mic preamps, including the mic transformer and mic pre card. It may be a smaller console but is not in any way lower quality and it sounds wonderful! Includes power supply and cable. This console was recently used on a project at Sony Mastering Studios for a summing mixer and was very well received. Numerous projects have been summed on this console and it sounds very good. If you are looking at this, you may know everything about it, but if you have any questions please email before buying. Overall condition is very good, but this is a used piece with it’s share of scratches, nicks, dings and other indignities. It is perfectly useable and will delight the next owner, but as an older piece may have an occasional scratchy switch or pot. If this concerns you please bid accordingly. Terms: This is a USA auction only, I will not ship it outside the USA. Shipping is at the cost and risk of the winning bidder. Payment is by Paypal, or cash on pickup in accordance with eBay policy. Winning bidder must contact me within 1 day in order to preserve status. New York residents, pickups are required to pay NYC sales tax, 8.875%. Payment must be received within 3 days of end of auction. Deadbeats will be reported to eBay. Thank you for bidding and good luck! Any questions please email before bidding.

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