Monday, 5 December 2011

EMI 1960's Console

This is an awesome looking console

From the ebay seller (console is in Hampshire and is unsold at £60k): "This auction is your unique opportunity to buy an 18 channel EMI console. This rare 1962 germanium transistor console has been refurbished and modified for use in a modern studio environment with the addition of EQ and conversion from mono to stereo with a pan pot on every channel. This is the only console of its kind in the world! EMI console info: Custom console built by EMI laboratories in 1962, lovingly cosmetically restored in 2010 with the addition of EQ and PAN. The build quality of this console is the best. Everything is point to point wiring. The modules are made from machined steel and extremely heavy. The germanium transitors are cased in metal plug in modules to protect them from interferance and all the pots are stepped painton silver contact types which cost a fortune and never wear out (see last photo)... 18 inputs (all germanium) with 4 band EQ (two fixed, two swept) assignable to groups1-4 Every channel has: mic in, line1 in and line 2 (600ohm)inputs. 30, 60, 200 and 600 ohms selector switch on mic inputs. Stepped Input balance trim Phantom power (individually switched) All channels have inserts on patch which can also be used as low level direct outs. Pan control Aux1 and Aux2 and Aux3 send on every channel Huge balancing transformers Quadrant faders (illuminated) made by Painton All inputs, inserts and outputs are on the supplied GPO patchbay which can either be located below the console or on the separate custom made producers table. If patch is mounted below the console the custom rack can hold your 19inch rack gear! 4 groups with original Ernest Turner meters 2 echo return channels Separate bay/rack/producers table which holds the patchbay to the left of the console paperwork /circuit diagrams included. 2U power supply for audio electronics. 2U power supply for the EQs, meters and phantom power. Box of spare parts including channel amplifier modules and quadrant fader parts and original EMI power supply for spares. 2 TG compressor clones (exact) fitted to meterbridge (not included in sale but can be included by negotiation) Dimensions 131cm x 88cm deep. If used, the producers table/rack adds an additional 51cm to the length making it 182cm X 88cm Tape machines in photos not included. I havent any videos of it in use but you can see it in the background of a demo video I did for something else... The payment is to be cash on collection. If you are outside of the UK please contact me about shipping/payment prior to bidding. Update: Due to numerous trade/px offers I would consider a px deal for another vintage console eg Neve Trident etc as I will need something to go in its place! I am also after a yamaha CS80..."

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