Friday, 20 August 2010

V72a Collection

Someone is selling 32 original Telefunken V72a pre amps for £10k

These are legendary valve pre amps and were at the heart of the EMI REDD.37 consoles amongst others [the original Abbey Road one is apparently now owned by Lenny Kravitz] . According to the book Recording the Beatles they cost 550 DM eack, which equates to around £10k each in todays money!

From the seller [reel-to-reel-man, based in Paignton]:

This is a bulk sale of some incredibly rare and valuable valve pre amplifiers, upon searching across the internet I came across these two paragraphs

An estimated 25000 V72 modules were built for the German Radio Network alone. The early versions were built by Maihak and Telefunken/AEG. In 1954 Siemens and TAB became sub contractors to make the historic V72. Aside from the German radio stations, the V72 was used by most of the European Recording Companies like EMI, Decca/Telefunken, etc. Siemens designed the V72s to accommodate the specific needs of these recording studios. These units featured a fixed gain of 40 dB and lower input impedance.

Telefunken used the V72s as standard preamplifiers for their broadcast division. In 1960 AEG-Telefunken was the world's largest manufacturer of broadcast systems and sold these units to radio stations in South America, Africa and the Middle East, where most of them are still in use today. In 1966 the production of the V72 stopped at Telefunken. Siemens stopped their production in 1964 but built the V72b version up until to 1966. TAB was the only company that built the V72a up into the 70s

(Above paragraphs taken from TAB Funkenwerk)
These units are sold from any were between £500 to £999 each, even at their lower value, they are worth £13500, so immediately a lucky winner will be getting a great bargain (Working out at around £285 a unit)

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