Saturday, 14 August 2010


I'd never heard of one of these before. Its an EMT console called an MM40, and its for sale on the Tape OP message board

I know the EMT brand, and it has always produced top-notch gear. I love their plate reverbs. But I didn't know they made consoles, so this 24 channel desk looks very interesting. I knew there was some connection between EMT, Studer and Neumann, but I thought the result was the Studer 189 series consoles. I wonder what era and technology these MM40 desks use?

FROM THE SELLER [who is looking for around £7k i believe]

The EMT is composed of two frames linked, but that could be separated and run together with a multicore link (wich is now inside the desk).

the frame is loaded with
24x 411.7 mono mic/line modules
4x 416 group modules
4x 112 master modules
Aux master + monitor ...
stand, wooden sides and armrest

+ 2 stereo input modules
+ 1 spare master module
+ 1 rack with 8 master send that could be used as an 8 bus out but that'd need a bit of work
+ all siemens 30 pin connectors needed to connect the desk


"Hi Ben,

the desk has been built in very early 80's but this model has been built until the mid 90's by abe, it is mostly ic (5532/34 TL072) based exept the output amps wich are transistor based on the early 80's version



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