Thursday, 26 August 2010


This came up on ebay recently, one of the Tweed consoles from this cool studio

From the seller:
Delta Lab Recording Studios ((( ))) we are elling some of our gear from our B-Studio ("White Room"). Please read our descriptions carefully. No guarantees. Don't bid if you don't wish to pay. Also, if you are using paypal, we only accept bids if you have a confirmed address

This is auction is for legendary tweed/neve analog mixing console. Very rich, warm and analog! This console was built by Kirsch Mustapha who used to be production manager of the Neve factory in Kelso, Scotland, in the early 1970's. He custom build these Neve clones and according to resources on the internet very unpopular at neve cause he stole their design. Full book with schematics and plans. Needs to be re-capped to be 100%. Sounds amazing!!!! Sowter transformer on every channel. Transformer on all outputs. Mono monitor speakers 80DB + of gain on all mic pres 2 power supplys Loads of patchbays all wired up ready to go. Needs a good home. The tone is unreal and the EQ is so amazing. 8 / 12 K shelving parametric mids 800 - 3k 60 / 180hz low shelve HP filter @ 90hz. 14 mono/6 stereo channels. Lots of spares

They had this up with a starting bid of £17500 but no one bid on it

Tweed are a very interesting constructor of high quality consoles. Check out this post on gearslutz

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