Saturday, 14 August 2010

Siemens Sitral

Here is another console the previous seller is selling

It reminds me a bit of this console

From the seller:

The Siemens Sitral is a standart M444 fully loaded and in beautifull shape,

the desk features:
6 mic line inputs with eqs + 2 line ins, 2 aux send pre post fader, direct out pre / post fader, passive faders, 2 bus,
those where the first siemens transistor console after the Vserie based on the V72 / V76 etc ...

it is loaded with:

6 V276a mic preamp
6 W295b equalizer
2 V275 summing amps
2 V294 output amps
2 V272 aux master outs
1 V282c 6 buffer amps for 6 direct outs pre / post fader
1 H280 oscillator
1 Vu meter
10 danner passive fader

if i'd part it over ebay i could get about 4k just for the modules, i don't count all xformers and rare tuchels inside the desk

i'll purvey it with
1 spare V282c
2 V274 distribution amps
all modules schematics
+ m444 leaflet with block diagram ...

i planned to restaure it but i haven't got the time to,

it need recap, calibration, a bit of switch cleaning (i've made the most part of it)
3 eqs have the mid band that doesn't work as it should because of bad caps, it is no big deal.
purveyed with siemens connectors too

i'm taking offers, eventually trades (mastering devices, studer 962 with 4 buss, wich i could move around...)
i'm not in a hurry,
those desk are quite unique sounding and rare

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