Monday, 28 June 2010


I am interested in vintage mixing consoles. So I am starting this blog about them, in which I intend to put up pictures, information and links whenever I find something that catches my eye. There are not many websites or blogs that I can find on this subject, which probably means that no one else will find it even remotely interesting! What is interesting about mixing desks to me is the fact that they are the ultimate studio gadget and the centerpiece of any recording studio, and they have defined the sound of all the recorded music we listen to. So I will persue this fascination of mine and try and document in a rather sporadic way the history of these beautiful objects. Hopefully over time the labels/tags will be useful in categorising posts by manufacturer or era produced, etc. I will endeavor to credit pictures or link back to their origins, and when it comes to reporting on eBay items I will try and put information in the post as opposed to linking to the auction as eBay don't archive for long. If you see a picture or anything on this blog that you want me to remove, or if you see a console that you think I might like to post about just let me know at

I have another blog called Its Full of Stars which is all about my studio and stuff I like in relation to that, and I have decided to re-post all the console related posts here. So the following 20 or so items are duplicated here for posterity

The picture above is from a session at the studio at Château d'Hérouville during the recording of Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road in 1973. The console is an MCI 416b and was situated in the smaller of the two studios there

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