Monday, 28 June 2010

Neve 1060 Console

There is a vintage Neve with 1060 modules [same as 1061 but with alternative eq] in California today, which would go very nicely in the the studio next to the one in the previous post

CLASSIC GERMANIUM NEVE MIXING CONSOLE, ORIGINALLY BUILT IN 1969. CONTAINS 24 NEVE 1060 INPUT MODULES. HAS A CUSTOM MADE PRODUCERS DESK WHICH HOLDS THE TT PATCH BAY. THE ENIRE CONSOLE IS WIRED TO ELCO CONNECTORS, AND DOES COME WITH SOME BREAKOUT CABLES THAT MATCH. COMES WITH ALL REQUIRED POWER SUPPLIES. This desk has been gone through by two of the bay area's most experienced technicians. It has a custom made 16 channel monitor section, which can be switched to dump into the stereo buss, yeiding 40 channels on remix. A fantastic console by any standards, and a rare one to boot. 20 channels have custom direct out buss amps made with 990 amplifiers and jensen transformers. Custom built console stand. 16 channel meters plus stereo buss meters. The console has 4 group outs plus discrete stereo buss, and 4 aux sends per channel . The console , including patch bay/producers desk is just 7 feet wide. Comes with appropriate paperwork. £43K BIN. Seller = Dan Alexander

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