Monday, 28 June 2010

Neve Melbourn

$25k [£15k], in Florida

Here we have for sale a Neve Melbourn 5302 fully discrete 12 input console, Serial Number A3916. If you’re looking at this you know what it does and how incredible it sounds. There is only one Neve that can properly be called a Melbourn (no E on the end ) and that is the 5302.

It's supplied with (10) 3115 (2) 3114 input modules and (7) 3415A summing/auxiliary modules. A 2 space rack mount custom made power supply using 24V and 48V Power One open frame supplies is included as the console power supply.

Also included are three rack mount frames so you can use the modules outside of the console frame. The three module rack frames each have their own power supply. Two of the frames will handle 8 modules and the third is for mounting 2, so that’s 18 possible slots but only the 12 input modules listed above that came with the console are included. The two position frame (shown loaded) and one of the 8 position frames were custom built for me by Vintage King ( the 8 position uses the black external power supply shown and also shows what 8 modules loaded look like) and the third frame was very well made overseas using Neve frame parts and is new and has never been used.

These modules use the more desirable BA 440, BA 438 and BA 406 all discrete plug in amplifiers. Some of the later Melbourns particular the 33115/33114 modules had an IC in the front end of the amps (the BA 600 series) but not this console.

A 15 ft. multipin 12 channel direct out cable is also included. If you want to use the modules in the console and have access to the transformer direct out you will need this cable. It’s important to remember the transformer outs have to be terminated with a 600 ohm resistor. If not, they just don’t sound right. The three frames have the resistors installed on the output XLRs. The cable does not as I was using it into 600 ohm inputs.

I also have a photo copied manual which is included.

As you can see from the pictures the console frame and modules are in excellent condition and have been lovingly cared for. I believe I am the second owner and have had it for over 10 years. I’ve not recapped it as all is working well, but I did just replace all the green leds as they were uneven in intensity. Also all the rotary switches and connectors were just cleaned.

I’ve been tracking Melbourns and I have found them listed for a low of $33K to a high of $39K. The three rack mount frames cost me more than $5000, so considering that, my starting price is well below market value

8 January 2010 10:29

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