Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Trident Series 65

All the previous posts were archived from my other blog. Heres a new post about a Trident on ebay today. The 65 was launched in 1984 as a low cost but fully modular console. Theres more here

From the ebay auction [which is in Berkley CA and is BIN £2500]

Vintage Trident Series 65 console for sale.
24 mic/line channels and 16 tape returns, 8 buss, 8 aux sends, british eq.
Great sounding board, it can give a nice clean sound or it can be pushed and it breaks up in a really nice way.
Tridents are very easy to work on or modify, and built to a much higher standard than current boards that may look similar:)
It has series 70/80 red and green knobs(I believe this was stock or a custom order) and it has a custom black oak frame that was built at a cost of $5K.(The first four channels were added later so they have the standard 65 knobs... these knobs are still available online if you wanted to change them)
Upgraded Trimix power supply that can power two boards.
I just had the power supply gone through by a local tech and it is in excellent working order.
All ins and outs are on XLR and TRS jacks on the back so there is no need for any custom wiring.
Overall the board works and sounds great, but it does need some minor TLC, three pots broke when it was last moved and the pot for the monitor output doesn't work, I always used the main outputs into protools so I never bothered to fix it.
It could also use some minor cosmetic work.
Includes original hardcover manual with schematics and original sales brochure with a glossy 8x10 of the series 65.
Sold as-is.
Please ask any questions in advance.
It would be possible to disassemble and ship the board but I'd prefer local pickup in Berkeley, Ca since the oak pieces are very heavy.

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