Monday, 28 June 2010

Studer 169

There's a nice little Studer 169 on the bay today. It's in Germany and has has a ton of bids, but I'll report later in the comms. I really need to sort out the 189......


OK, I definately need to sort out the Studer 189 console, check out this auction:


The Studer 089 desk, built in the late 60s, is said to have one of the best microphone preamps ever built. Offered here is a pair of Studer 089 preamps in a rack, with an external power supply, which is included. The PSU can be powered with 100-240 VDC.

The rack has been built and the preamps have been checked by KID Broadcast, Germany. The unit is fully working and ready for use.

The "Line Ins" are microphone inputs, depending on the Input selected on the front panel.

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