Monday, 28 June 2010

TAC Matchless

Its from this studio in Stockport, and has had some pretty cool records made on it

The TAC Matchless was introduced as their flagship music console in 1984. Here's the background to the TAC range. Langley are still going and make upgrade kits for most of the TAC mixers, which apparently greatly improves the sound and gets round the problem of obsolete spare parts

Item relisted with correct information. This is a custom 36 channel mic/line, 4group, 4 band eq, 8 aux sends,with meter bridge for 24 channels. These modules can be upgraded with great success if you got time and patience. This desk has a great history recording 2 BadlyDrawnBoy albums"Oneplusoneisone" and |"Born in the UK" and Doves single "black and white town", I am Kloot "Gods and monsters" album and many more. The desk was 24 ch and was made into 36 ch last year and we have owned it for 8 years. It has been regulary serviced twice a year and when the eq has had the odd crackle it has been easily fixed with switch cleaner. It comes with four 48 bantam in/out patch bays and power supply. Selling as we have down sized to a 24 ch neve desk. Any questions are welcome and pick up only as is very heavy. ..Dimentions are 1m90 wide by 1meter thick, Also comes with stand. and manual

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