Saturday, 24 March 2012

Neve 5300 Series

These Neves do come up occasionally, about once a year it seems! The 5300 is underrated compared to the other vintage Neves, and yet some people say the 33114 / 33115 preamp/eq are the best they ever made

These modules are class AB discrete and some say they sound better than the fabled class A versions (eg 1073s) because they are punchier and better on transients. Whatever flavour you prefer, there is something very compelling about this compact 24 channel desk from Neve's heyday From the seller, who is asking £32000: This extraordinarily cute Neve console  was just taken out of service in a private   studio in San Diego.   Before that, it was in a broadcast facility in the northeast.   It feaures 24 inputs that are mic or line with full equalization, and an additional   18 line inputs on remix giving you 42 channels when mixing.   8 of the additional line inputs have full length faders and the same 4 aux sends   as the input section.   Please look at all the pictures, and read our policys before bidding.   The four 33314 limiters are NOT included with this auction!!   There are 4 channels of 33114 input modules, as well as 20 of the 33115's.   There are 23 of the full 8 buss, 4 send 33752 aux modules, and one  aux   module that offers access only to the stereo buss or buss 1/2.    We did locate another full 8 buss module available from a well known dealer .   Please note that the wooden trim  top piece  pictured is Not included in this   auction.   The rack mount unit on the left is NOT included in this auction.   There are 24 custom wired direct transformer balanced outputs, using all   Carnhill Transformers. I can make no warrentee whatsoever as to its   functionality. It is located at the bottom of the producers desk on the right.   The desk holding the patchbay is included if the buyer wants it.   There is one missing bottom panel.   There are a number of knobs with missing center caps;   they have for the most part been moved to the channel 22 - 24 modules.   The console bolster has a small piece of gaffers tape covering a slit in the   bolster.   This is an exceptionally cute mixer, just over 6 feet wide not including the   patchbay.    If I were keeping it, I would have new woodwork made,   and a new producers desk  for the patchbay, and redo the bolster.   In any case, the console is sold as is, and as described here.    We have not tested the console.   It is quite evidently in very nice physical condition.   Like all vintage Neve's, no doubt it will require some tlc.   Although we are happy to assist , shipping and packing and all import and   shipping costs are the responsability of the buyer.   It is currently available for pickup in the Los Angeles area.   Winning bidder must contact us at the end of the auction to discuss payment   and shipping details.

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