Saturday, 24 March 2012

BBC / Glensound In Bits

Look at this amazing console that is up on ebay today. This kind of makes me angry, how can something like this end up in bits, unloved and unused!

Also the ebay seller has done something which really annoys me - they have put all the various bits of this stunning console up for auction IN DIFFERENT LOTS!! And they won't take an offer on the whole thing. I think this kind of behaviour is crazy and won't generate more money I think the EQ modules are AM22's which were made by Glensound, so the whole thing could be Glensound, although it doesn't look like their usual style. Perhaps this is how they looked in the early 70s. The modules are all discrete germanium and probably would sound amazing and creamy. There is no info on the ebay auction pages, I'm guessing the seller knows nothing about them and this makes the whole deal even more treacherous, but hopefully they will find a good home...

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