Monday, 15 July 2013

Trident B Range

I know its been a while, but this console is very worthy of a mention...

VIA THE EBAY SELLER (retro8central)
This auction is for my lovingly restored Trident B range console. Not to be confused with later less desirable tridents such as the 80B, this is the original all discrete real deal using the same design as the A range consoles! This B range was built in 1975 and has made many famous hits and has become a very sought after console which has the classic British sound

The console has had extensive work carried out By top techs Clive Kavan and Gwyn Mathias and is in good working order.
Here is the spec: 
24 mic/line inputs with classic Trident 3 band EQ and filter, 16 output groups (15&16 is L/R buss)
16 monitors (switchable L/C/R) perfect for summing 16 echo returns (odd nos to L, even to R busses) perfect for summing
4 auxes -modded to access all 4 auxes using 4 pots from the 24 inputs. Original design was a switch to select 1-4 aux and one pot.
Total 56 inputs available on mixdown
Fully recapped with Nichicon Muse caps.
New hardwood monitor bridge
GPO patchbay
XLR sockets on rear for mic inputs
Circuit diagrams/schematics

The history of this console:
I purchased it from a famous producer who has made many hit albums on this console from artists such as KT Tunstall, AHA, Cat Stevens, Jason Mraz, Mary J Blige, James Morrison to name a few...
He assured me it was he was told it was originally from Trident studios which was famous for recording Classic albums by Queen, Bowie and T-Rex. I have no solid proof but there are certain differences about this console than any other B range: It has been modified at the factory to have 4 auxes when only one would only be available to use at any one time on a standard console. I recently had a overhaul done by an Ex Trident factory manager Gwyn Mathias who pointed the fader plates were bronze in colour which was only fitted to A range consoles at Trident studios. The final thing about this special console is it has Belclere mic transformers which are the same type as fitted to early Neve consoles making the mic amps some of the best I have ever heard!
This has to be the most interesting console currently for sale on ebay. If you want to hear the sound of it listen to the artists listed above!

BIN: £30,000 or make offer

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