Monday, 11 April 2011

Neve V1

This looks like a bargain perhaps?

Ebay BIN: £11500, Loc: Petaluma CA USA, seller: ampnerd

Quoted from auction:

"Up for auction is my Neve V1 recording console. This was up for auction a couple of months back but the buyer flaked so I'm listing it again. This was built in 1986 by Neve UK. It spent the better part of it's life in a studio in Nashville before I became the owner.  It is a 36 channel frame loaded with 32 channels and 4 blank panels. It has 32 channels plus 2 master channels of Uptown System 2000 moving fader automation which works perfectly with a great condition solid 286 PC.

Here are some specs:

4 band Eq, compressor, gate/expander on every channel.
32 small faders can be used as another 32 inputs at mixdown for 64 total or can be assigned as a send (I used it for parallel compression on drums etc.).
Every channel assignable to 48 busses and/or L-R out.
3 different "Master" modes, Tracking, Overdubbing, Mixing. Determines routing, function of small faders etc. Very flexible.
Plasma metering plus 2 VU's on master.
The old Necam automation section of the master has been disabled, The Uptown is sooo much better and functions are controllable from the individual faders (write, touch, latch) and from a small panel next to the master faders (cue's extra modes etc).
8 Aux sends, 4 stereo Returns and 2 stereo Cue mix busses.
Direct outputs on every channel.
2 master mute groups A+B.

The console is in excellent cosmetic condition and very good working condition. There are a few minor problems such as a few sticky switches, to be expected with consoles of this age but they are relatively minor problems that any good tech can take care of. I have replaced most of the bad switches myself and still have a large bag full of new replacement switches and other spare parts. I recently had my tech come over and spend a couple of days going through everything as it had been turned off for the last 3 months. He took a thorough look through the board and told me that all the channel strips have been completely recapped, the only thing not recapped are the auxes & center section. Also the powers supplies while working totally fine could at some point in the future have their large power supply caps replaced but he said it was not a very pressing issue.

Functionally the console is working great, there are no bad eq's or comps or anything like that so a buyer would be able to get right to work on it. Al the patchbays work totally fine.

The power supplies (x2) are sturdy Kingshill Supplies and surprisingly don't get particularly hot and are not noisy. I was able to have them in the control room with me without any problems. Good for someone like me with a smaller project studio and no dedicated machine room.

The Uptown System 2000 moving fader automation is very smooth and works perfectly. I love using this system, it still gives any control surface a run for it's money in terms of tactile feel and smoothness (IMO). It runs on a 286 PC. The software is the latest version 3.11 (DOS based) and is very easy and intuitive to learn.

The real strong suit of this console in my opinion is the Eq. Sure it's no Class-A 1073, it's a more modern IC based EQ but it really kicks ass. It can be extremely aggressive and as radical as say an SSL 4k or it can be very gentle and sweet sounding. The Eq is the thing I will miss most about this console. The compressors are okay, I wouldn't really pick them over any of my outboard but the gates are excellent as are the hi-pass/lo-pass filters.

Another good way I found to run this console was to use the right side for mic pre's into Pro Tools and the first 16 on the left at unity gain as a line level summing mixer. It definitely made a huge difference to my ITB mixes if I needed to go that way.

The patchbay is extensive and allows for a large Pro Tools rig or Tape machine to be normalled to the line in's plus facility for lots of outboard gear. Everything is on Edac 56's on the back of the board.

I have the two huge original manuals that came with the board which include all the schematics. I also have DVD of all the pin outs for the external connections on the back. Everything is on Edac 56's.

My Mogami snakes are NOT included in the price but may be for sale also if the price is right.

I will consider shipping the console but I don't advise it. Not only is it extremely heavy but it has to come apart to transport and takes a fair amount of re-commissioning the other end. It would be far better for a potential buyer to turn up in a truck, watch it be disassembled and know how to take it off/put it on the stand etc. just like I did. It's not that difficult, it just needs to be seen in person. Also, I'd be more than happy (for a small fee) come to the buyer's studio to help re-assemble it.

The console is sold "as-is". I would prefer a potential buyer to come visit my studio in person (and with their tech if they prefer) so they can go over it and see it in action before they commit to buy it. It is fully up and running so bring a hard drive and bring up a mix.

Payment upon pickup preferred.

Please feel free to send me an Ebay message if you have any more questions.

Thanks for looking"

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