Monday, 11 April 2011

Maihak V45

This is a new brand to me! Ive never seen them before, but they look a bit like Glensound or early EMI pieces

BIN: £15200, Loc: Germany, Seller: tfk2002


"Very rare pair vintage German Broadcast mixers V45 Maihak
Up for sale is a pair of the very hard-to-find Maihak V45 consoles, all in fully working condition, fully tested, in brilliant technical and cosmetic condition – ready to make brilliant STEREO recordings. Plug and Play. The mixers come out of the wonderfuldecade, where they built a team together with microphones like Neumann U47, M49, M50, U67… 
The complete offer consists of the following parts:

1. Maihak V45 Mixer No.192
2. Maihak V45 Mixer No. 181
3. original bottom cases for both mixers like you can see at the pictures
4. Klangfilm double power supply, 2x KL Q570a, 2 separate and brand new constructed stabilisation circuits for both the +200V= and the +6,3V= (heating)
5. Connections between power supply and mixers (two cables).
The mixers were developed by Maihak/Germany in the middle of the 50ies of the last century. They work with the best Maihakinput and output transformers, all amplifier units are in absolutely original and fully working condition.
The features of each single mixer are:

4x input amplifiers for microphone level. One tube EF12k per amp. At each input amp you can switch three positions 1)input “a” 2)no signal  3)input “b”. Input “a” can either be switched at the top of the unit via 4mm bananas or via 3-pole Tuchel connectors at the side. Each input channel has a gain of either G=67…72dB (for the use of condenser microphones like Neumann U47, Neumann M49…) or G=83…88dB (for the use of dynamic microphones like Sennheiser MD… or ribbon microphones)

1x summing amp (2 tubes EF12, 1 tube EF12k)
1x tone generator (2 tubes EF12)
1x level meter, including control meter for the powering and levelling (1 tube EBF11, 2 STV70/6)

Both mixers are originally mono mixers 4/1 – but as a stunning pair, you can use them together to make brilliant stereo microphone recordings. Therefore, the mixers were technically matched: exactly equal in phase, frequency response and output level. The nominal output level is +6dBu, so ideal to be combined with tape recorders like Telefunken T9, M10, M5…

If you are able to reduce the incoming line levels for about 20dB, then you also could use the desks as line level mixers – the noise and hum is very low! The units are working at the specifications.
The power supply is a combination of two high grade KLANGFILM KL Q570a units, together with a modern stabilisation for all power rails.

Attention: The powering is made for 230Vac if you have a different Vac, then you have to use up-or-down transformer!

All units are tested for several days; the sound is awesome and stunning!
What is not working?
1. at No.181 the tone generator´s 60Hz-tone is lost
2. at No.181 the tone generator`s 6400Hz-tone has a loss of about 8dB
The most important 1000Hz-tone is fully working, so that the mixer can be calibrated without problems.
The buyer will get a good copy of the manual (Braunbuchbeschreibung, BUT in German language), including all circuits and schematics.

On demand, I can also offer In/Output cables.
The dimensions are:
1 V45 including case: 600 x 380 x 500mm,
Klangfilm power supply: 540 x 190 x 320mm
Location is Germany:
Shipping to overseas USA, Asia or Russia etc. door to door is: US$1000 by Airmail including insurance. There will come three parcels. Shipping is about 10-15 days
Feel free to ask your questions.
More pictures on demand.
Please look at my other offers.
This price is the price for any customer OUTSIDE the European Union. This item will NOT be sold inside the European Union, unless you have a valid VAT-ID (only companies) or you are willing to pay 19% extra VAT. Please note that it is possible that you have to pay customs in your country. Items sold are vintage and used. So there is no guarantee. Buyer takes all risks of using and damage - of the item itself and caused by the item! Using the items needs special knowledge - technical and about security. Only use the items if YOU really know how to do!

Please keep all that in mind BEFORE bidding.
Thank you."

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