Saturday, 30 April 2011

Neve 8078

On ebay today is the absolute ultimate vintage recording console, and I want it

From the seller, hopscotch124 midlands uk, who is asking a starting price of 145K:

"Neve 8078 40 Channel 24 Group 32 Track Console in excellent condition.
A fine and rare example of one of the greatest Neve Consoles ever built.  This console has been in one studio since being commisioned in 1977 and is as good a console as one could ever expect to find.
The console features:
40 31105 Channel Amplifier
40 32424 Switching Unit
40 32423 Switching Unit
40 33415 Line Amplifier
1 + 1 33513/4 Oscillator 
40 Audio Kinetics Master Mix II Faders
3  Power Supply
Numerous spares
Producers Desk
All Manuals 
The Console is located in UK. It can be proffesionally packed and shipped internationally"


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  2. Can I know that what is the specailty about the Vintage Neve Console in Sound ?