Friday, 3 September 2010

Yamaha Vintage Consoles

I have certainly been neglecting our Japanese friends in this blog, as pointed out by Brandin, who refurbishes these beautiful consoles

Top picture is the Yamaha PM2000
Middle is M1532
Below that the PM1000

Brandin says:

"Great blog!!
....But, what about some of the Vintage YAMAHA consoles...PM2000, PM1000, M1532!!! Japan had it share of lawsuit Les Pauls.... maybe not exactly "lawsuit" but these monsters could be classified as serious knock offs at the very least! I only say this because I restore and refurb these beasts! Once the Recapping begins and a few transformers swapped ...perhaps gain stages and EQ adjusted... you will have something that will defiantly rival another console five to ten times its cost! Even without modification and all the bells and whistles added ...they are a unique part of recording history down to the schematic.

Your Blog rules!!!"

Thanks for getting in touch


  1. I see small 8 channel yamaha consoles from the 70's around, PA mixers and not recording studio gear. are these any good?

  2. those are great for 'more me' headphones. id like to know what mods Brandin (no last name??) actually performs. Contact info would be great!

  3. i have a mint in the case m1532 and a lightly used still intact 32 channel pm1000........

  4. im looking to buy a m1524,m1532,or pm2000. anyone have one they're looking to get rid of? email me! .. thanks!

  5. Hey all - I have a m1532 and love it. I need the schematics and can;t seem to find them anywhere! I have the owner's manual, but need teh real deal. Anyone got it that would be so kind as to share? Thanks! snap -at- solitonsound ~dot~ com

  6. I have A Master Module MT-1500 and a Input Module IP-1500 both are for Mixing console M-1524 & M-1532 brand new in boxes are they worth any thing