Monday, 13 September 2010

Calrec S Series

Here is a beautiful later vintage Calrec, also on the bay

From the seller [who is based in NY State and wants at least £15K]:

This is an auction for Calrec S Series Analogue Audio Mixing Console in superb condition.
This console is fitted with 12 Mic/Line Mono Analogue Inputs 24 Mic/Line Stereo Analogue Inputs, 8 Stereo Subgroups,    
2 Stereo Main Outputs with Compressor/Limiters, 24 Busses (tracks), 8 Stereo Compressor/Limiters extensive monitoring 
and metering facilities.
Each channels is fitted with superb microphone preamplifier, fully parametric EQ, Direct Output and 8 auxiliary sends (6 mono and 2 stereo).
Four power supplies, DC cables and photocopy of S Series service manual are included in this auction.
The console was fully serviced and tested prior the auction.

This is the list of the modules fitted in the console:

Qty       Model           Description

24   PQ 2654              Stereo Mic/Line Channel Module
12   PQ 2653              Mono Mic/Line Channel Module
8     XL 3656              Stereo Group Module
2     LC 3658              Main Output Module with Compressor
1     ML 3661              Monitor L.S. Control Module
1     TY 3660              Tone / Talkback Module
44    IY 3677              Channel / Group Fader Module
2     IY 3682              Main Output Fader Module
3     MY 3681              Multitrack Bargraph Control Module
3     MU 3663              Stereo PPM Meter Module
1     MU 3807              Stereo Bargraph Meter
2     MY 3680              Meter Selector Module
1     MY 3875              Multitrack Selector Module
2     LS 3237              PFL Loudspeaker Module
8     DL 3678              Compressor / Limiters
4     ZN 3018              Mains Power Supply Unit
We can wire a patchbay to your requirements, install and commission the console in your facility for a fee.

This console is 1472mm (60”) long (let to right), 1016mm (40”) deep (front to back) and 984mm (39”) high.

Mains Supply:
230 VAC/50 Hz or 117 VAC/60Hz.

Buyer pays crating, shipping and insurance.
We ship anywhere in the world.
You are welcome to inspect and collect this console from our warehouse in Upstate New York.
Free shipping to the Continental USA and Canada with "Buy it Now" ONLY!

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