Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Neve Series 44

This is on eBay Latvia. I had not herd of these, and can find very little on the net about them

The seller is asking £3500. Heres what he has to say about it:

I have Neve 44 series broadcast console for sale. Configuration is 12 mono channels, 3 stereo, 4 busses and 2 mains. Neve was used in TV studio for broadcasting needs. No need to tell here that sound comes out from this baby is warm and full .
Console is in rather good condition except some pots and faders are squeaking and and have no immediate contact if not used for longer period. After turning forward and back it starts to work. I hope it is just case of cleaning and oiling these parts.
Neve is located in Latvia (Europe Union). I have contacted several shipping companies regarding shipping such a heavy unit (45 kg without packing).
Fees are approx. 450 USD overseas (buyer have to collect the item in closest airport(I have sent in such a way, there were no problems so far)) and 350 USD within Europe.
If You have any question or offer, please contact me

Here is a post on gearslutz, and a quote from Neve guru Geoff Tanner:

.....If I could just elaborate a time scale here.... The Neve company was taken over by Bonochord (later called ESE) in 1973. Rupert left the company in 1975.

Siemens took the company over in 1985, ten years after Rupert left, so lots of Neve consoles were made in that intervening period...

I'm not sure when the 44 was designed, somewhere around 1989 I believe, but that's four years after I left Neve so I have no input to provide re its sound or facilities.

I'm sure that it'll be a nice sounding console but don't anticipate any 1073 like sounds... this console is two decades of technology later

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  1. Hi, did you manage to sell this Neve 44 series console? Am quite interested :)