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Yamaha PM1000

OK, I want this, but alas it is in America and too expensive and complicated to organise

From the ebay seller:

"Selling a vintage 16 channel Yamaha PM-1000 circa 1974-1976

this Console works flawlessly.

this one has been hot-rodded and has many features / upgrades above the stock version.
sounds fantastic.  has all discreet topology and inductor based eq's like some neves.
below is a list of the modifications.

- Entire board has been recapped.  the modules and the power supply.   i am not sure what kind of caps were used but i do have some fairly close up pictures
and i could tell you the codes on any specific capacitor. 

- Direct outputs have been added.  there is a very handy gold plated Cannon plug that inserts into the back of the console to provide 16 direct ouputs.  insert the plug, twist to lock and you've got 16 direct outs.  very well thought out.  the plug connects to a Mogami snake with 16 neutrik XLR's on it.  the cabling is about 15 feet and was frequently used as a remote preamp set in the live room. 

- Output transformers have been added on every channel.  they are Tamura GA81720's.  these balance the outputs and add several db of gain to the circuit. 

- All pots and switches have been lubed and cleaned or replaced.  all pots are smooth, no scratches, and all switches work as intended.

the board is in great shape.  there are a few VU bulbs out and a few dings and scratches on the board in general but everything else is 100% working and will be in use till sold. 

 a copy of the manual can be downloaded at;

with this board, you can use the 16 preamps directly out for tracking, access the bus matrix to combine certain channels together,  use all or some of the board for mixing and stemming or you can do any combination of the above.

This has worked like a dream.   i've made many records with this board and some have sold very well, and been in films/TV.  i am happy to give you examples upon request.

this asking price reflects the cost of the original console, the research into modifications, all parts included (transformers, caps, wiring, plugs, cable, xlr's) and many hours of labor.

This is the Story of the PM1000 as told by Harvey Gerst;

Time: Early 70's, Southern California

Yamaha had just tried to enter the guitar amplifier market with an amplifier line that just plain sucked.
 They were so embarrassed by this line, they actually bought back every one of them from their dealers and destroyed them
(over a million bucks worth, I was told).
Anyway, they came to me and hired me as a consultant, and I helped them developed their "G100" etc... line of amps.
Their long range plan was to have at least a 5% share of the American amplifier market.
As we were finishing up the G line, their American product manager, showed me some pictures of a 4 channel board they were working on and asked
if there was a market here for that product. They were concerned about introducing it here because it would be very expensive, and they didn't want another fiasco by
showing the wrong products for an American market. The pictures were of a prototype PM1000.
Teac, Dokorder, and several other tape recorder companies were already starting to sell 4 track recorders here,
and I suggested that the timing would be perfect for the PM1000.
I guess they decided to take my advice, and I believe they used the Neve as their model when they designed it.
They lost money on the PM1000, I believe, by making it literally bulletproof.
Over-engineering was important after coming off of a big embarrassment with their first guitar amp line.
It was all Class A design and "overkill" was their watchword.
At the same time, they started to introduce their High Fidelity products as well, with recievers,
amplifiers, and tuners; all made to a really high set of standards.
They learned from their first mistake in the American Market, and never repeated it.

a great value for about $218.75 per channel.

feel free to contact me with any questions. i have many more pictures.  the board will be installed until the day it sells.  contact me if you would like to come see it / test it.

the bottom line is that this console has served me incredibly well and has never once disappointed me.  i'm sad to see it go but i need the money. 

buy this board and cut hits.

this board is heavy.  
it's about 35" x 35" x 11" and weighs about 135 lbs.
it can be shipped easily but i would prefer you to make all shipping arrangements. 
if i make arrangements i will charge have to charge extra for it.
i've used $300.00 as an estimate only because that's what i've been told it will cost via UPS.
you will pay the actual cost above or below $300.
i can have it boxed
otherwise, i will be happy to drop it off unboxed at a local shipping facility

of course local pickup is most welcome, only 2 hrs from NYC

thanks for looking,

happy bidding!"

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  1. These cost $6900 USD when new! I looked at every mixer on the market at the time and the PM-1000 was far and away the best. I hated to part it out over the past 10 years, but hey it takes two people to carry it...