Saturday, 16 July 2011

Small Soundtracs

I'm not a huge fan of soundtracs consoles, having owned two large ones over the years. The first was a CM4400 32 channel split console, then a 32 ch Virtua digital desk. Both were OK desks, but in the end their uninteresting and 'boxy' sound wore me down and I moved on. However, this cute little desk could be pretty useful at a meagre £650...

From the seller, who is in the UK:

"Soundtracs are well known for their commercial quality boards, high performance bang for buck value and excellent build quality. The 16/8/2 is a relatively small console, probably about the same as a 16 Channel Mackie 8 buss but with an obvious higher end heritage. This one is in remarkable condition and looks to have received the most modest of use, very little marking at all with polite, non commercial use.

This is probably a less well known console but would be regarded as equal too and generally better than something similar in the Mackie vein except with more of a vintage character.
We believe it to be in full working order, probably requiring a service in keeping with an item that has not been used regularly.

It is sold as is and has only been tested for power up.
This item is available from our Website so we reserve the right to remove this from Ebay."

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