Sunday, 13 March 2011

Neve Melbourn

This is on the bay today

"Rare beautiful Neve Melbourne console kept in a smoke free studio. Purchased from Sonic Circus in 2002. This Neve sounds incredible for tracking and mixing!!! Great Pro Tools side car, forget about those cheap summing units this the real deal.. Amazing eq full of character and mic pre's that aer wide open sounding. Vocals guitars and drums come alive with this beast! I hate to see it go but I am making room for a new studio upgrade. This is in use and sounds stunning recapped by Rob Harvey from World Pro Audio in Los Angeles in 2008. Basically not much to say other than this is an awesome studio addition specs are below, this board come with full patch bay and cable snakes! sold as is, as this is a vinatge piece but is working great! BE PREPARED for  expensive shipping and crating inside the US, around $500-700 As far as shipping to Europeu can calculate my zip is 90046 I am sure it will be very costly around $2800 in shpping and crating. DO NOT BID if u are going to nickel and dime the shipping, I will not quote shipping till auction end and will only ship through an A list shipping company fully insured and there will be no returns. I WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL.ONLY BANK WIRE OR CASHIERS CHECK or CASH PICKUP.. ONL BIDDERS WITH 100% FEEDBACK BID PLEASE... Happy Bidding!!
• 12 x Neve 33115 mic/line 3 band eq modules
• 2 x Direct Ins
• Dimensions: 32" W x 32" D x 14" H = 82cm W x 82cm D x 36cm H
• Stereo outs/ with full tt patch bay for insert out's etc
• in and output cable snakes for patch bay ( a $2,500 value in itself)
• power supply ready to plug and play!!"

Starting Bid $25000 [£15k] location california

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