Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Another Neve [8036]

Being sold by AES Pro Audio UK

This is what they say, you can ask them how much it will cost if you are serious!
I love these Seventies consoles!

"NEVE 8036 VINTAGE CONSOLE CONFIGURED 32/8/16 with 56 on remix

NEVE 8036 ORIGINAL SPEC 24/8/16. Console has been reconfigured as follows: 32/8/16 thus giving 56 channels in remix. 32 x 1093 modules 24 x VU Meters Left hand Bantam Patch Bay. 1943/1 Group/Aux Modules fully recapped 22 x 1272 line amps fully recapped 4 x 2257 noise gates this slot can also be used for extra EQ,s such as 1073/1066. 1093 modules are class A/B and ALL other modules are class A. The console is now completed and ready for sale. Supplied with warranty. All works to the console have been done by BLAKE DEVITT"

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