Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Amek 9098

Here is an amazing Amek console, currently on ebay

From the ebay auction [NOT ME!!!!]:


The Best Gear at the Best Price

Recording Services & Supply is a full service retail business supplying the needs of the Recording, Industrial and Educational world. We have been in the recording business for over 20 years and use that knowledge to help our customers in their equipment selections. At RSS we carry a limited number of product lines, but they are products that we know and we feel best serve the recording industry.

We like to consider ourselves more than just a sales company. We are always there for you when you need advice about a product or even advice about recording techniques. We want to build lasting, recurring relationships with our customers. We don’t just want to be the “lowest price”, we want to be the best price & the best service. I encourage you to shop around and then call us with your order, I have no doubt that you’ll be impressed with our enthusiasm and attention to detail.

The best analog mixer ever built. Rupert Neve has claimed in interviews that this mixer was his finest work. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a 9098 console. There are only 5 of the split 9098's in the world. 2 In Japan, 1 in the UK, 1 in Italy and mine here in the US.
 This console has been completely gone through and is working 100%. It comes with some cabeling (mic ins, monitors, tape machine).

The board is 48 input in and has 48 split channels giving 96 fully eq's channels on mixdown. ( 9098i version only has limited eq on splits)
This console also has "Thru-Hole" electronics (full sized caps, resistors etc) as opposed to the 9098i consoles surface mount electronics.

Full Documentation on the console plus many extra AMEK docs.
Full supply of spare parts and extender cards.
Included in the cost is 5 days with my tech (who has maintained all of my consoles and tape machines for the past 4 years)

If you're considering a large analog board, don't get just another SSL or parts limited V-series NEVE, get a board actually designed by Rupert Neve. The SSL 4000 EQ is a toy compared to this console's EQ. Heck even the monitor channels EQ on the 9098 smoke the 4000's main Eq.
Have a reason for people to come to your studio. Think about it, there are 5 places in the world to record on one of these fine desks, the four mentioned...and your room.
Please feel free to call for all questions 785-820-7243

I've included a couple of links to articles on the 9098
Please also note. The 9098 rackmount pre/EQ are not the pre/Eq's from this board. The AMEK CIB is the pre/EQ from a 9098 console(i've included alink for that as well)




Foreign buyers please note: All duties and customs if there are any placed on your package upon import are the sole responsibility of you the buyer. We are not aware of each countries import laws and do not know fees. Please investigate this prior to purchase. Thanks

Please note that any of our listing that aren't listed as "NEW" have the possibility of some signs of use. While this is rare and when present usually very minor, we want you to be aware of this  possibility.  If you should buy something from us and do happen to have any issues, please contact us so we can make sure that it's normal expected condition for open box items or damage that may have occured during shipping. Thanks and Happy Buying!!"

Item location: Salina KS US
Price: £58K, or make offer

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