Saturday, 16 October 2010

Neve PMS 12-2

How about this little baby? This has to be one of the sweetest 12 channel mixers ever made

This is on ebay now, buts its not one of those bargain deals I sometimes post about. The seller has a BIN of £17,985. Heres what they say about it:

"Studiocare supplies Professional Audio Recording, Broadcast Sound and Pro Music studio equipment.
NEVE PMS122 Analogue Mixing Console USED
Collection is recommended. Please contact us for shipping options.

This vintage Neve PMS122 is from the early 1970s. It is in excellent condition and works fine. 

It has been recently refurbished by Blake Devitt. 

Only a small number of these desks were produced and you are unlikely to find one in as good condition.

Due to the age of the desk there are a few inperfections as would be expected: There is the occasional quiet audible click when changing some settings. Physically, there are a few dents and scratches. Some of the lettering has worn off somewhat and the wooden panels are also worn. Also a couple of the XLR connecters are a little stiff.   

All of the faders, gain pots and EQ are quiet and the desk sounds fantastic.  

Neve PMS122 12:2 Discrete Analogue Console: 

12-2 Mixing Console all descrete with 1081 Mic Pres and EQ (Similar in make-up to the Neve Kelso but with more features).

Modules and Controls:

12 x Neve 1D005 modules
Phase Reverse Button
Gain +10 to -80 dB

HF - Boost,Cut
HPF - Off, 50,70,160 Hz
H Mid - Boost, Cut at 7K, 3K6, 2K4, 1K2, 700, 400 Hz

Off, 1, 2, Boost and Cut

Aux send Level

FB Level 

Channel on button
Cue button

1D502 Module:
Direct input 1 - level, pan switch to op/middle/mon 
Direct input 2 - level, pan switch to op/middle/mon 

Tape Monitor switch module - Tape 1,2,3

PPM 1 - PB1, OP1, OP2, Mon 1, Main OP
PPM 2 - PB2, OP1, OP2, Mon 2, FB, Aux, Main op

TB Mic

Aux Level - 1A206
FB Level - 1A206
Cue Level - 1A205
OP 1 - 1A205
OP 2 - 1A205
OSC - 1A302

Monitor Section:

Monitor Inputs L and R Levels with Mono Switch

Cut Switch

Monitor Selecter Playback (2T, PB1, PB2) or Output (Main OP, 2T, OP2, Aux, FB, Cue)

Cue section 

In-built loudspeaker level

TB Level

TB Selecter

OSC Selecter

12 x Direct OP
12 x input
Direct IP
Studio Cue
Fader Switch (25 Pin D-Type)
Headphones (5 pin XLR)
FB op
Cue OP
Group 1 op
Group 2 OP
Monitor 1 OP
Monitor 2 OP
Main OP
Osc Level

Original power supply

The desk comes in a with flightcase on castors and the power supply also has its own flight case.

Refurbishment by Blake Devitt 

Please call 0151 236 7800 for more details"

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