Saturday, 16 October 2010

Cadac E-Type

There's a rather interesting looking late 80's Cadac on ebay

From the seller [in Devon , UK], who started the bidding very low:

"CADAC E Series Sn:7629 Manufactured 1989 for the RSC at the  Barbican theatre London. It was decommissioned from there in the recent past after many years mixing some of the great voices of the theatre.

The Desk consists of 2 sections, the smaller containing the first 30 input channels, the larger section containing inputs 31 to 40, the 16 Main Group Faders, 9 VCA. Master Faders,
2 Quad Panpot Strips, Master Aux Out, Matrix selection, Matrix Output faders and meters (3 Per Channel Strip).

40 Input Channels with VCA or Non VCA Faders, complete with 20 Segment Bargraph Meter.

16 Main Groups with 20 segment Bargraph meters routable to any of 24 Matrix Outputs.

24 Matrix Outputs with Fader and 20 Segment Bargraph Meter.

8 Aux outputs, each Master section having short faders with 10 segment Bargraph Meter.

Input channel features:-

Balanced input, gain 10 to 60db.
20db Pad
Phase Invert
Phantom Power
Channel insertion
Main Group Selection A to R (16 groups)
Pan In/Out
8 Aux Pre/Post Selectable
2 FX Pre/Post Selectable
3 band Parametric Eq.
High Pass Filter 40 to 160 Hz.
Eq. In/Out
Lundahl transformers

9 VCA Master Faders
Plus full manual

Frame 1 size: 2.10m x 1.0m x 0.45m
Frame 2 size: 1.24m x 1.0m x 0.45m

Each input channel fader can access the 9 VCA groups via a rotary selector or can be independent.
Additionally, the Fader and associated Aux's can either be routed through the VCA. or be selected to bypass the VCA. circuitry completely.

We have sold two other equivalent Cadacs to pro studios in the UK and they are the best! (Details of studios using them are available.) These are Neve beaters!
The board has been serviced and is working, we offer a fitting service to the winner (at a cost to be arranged).
Shipping UK, £150 + fuel
Other countries shipping we will discuss with winning bidder only.
PayPal deposit at auction end and balance on delivery or bank transfer

Q: Are the power supplies, patchbays & cabling all complete for this? (so it is in complete working condition) And also, I'm assuming the VCAs are software-driven, so would also appreciate any info on this , & whether there is PC software (however old) that will be included with the mixer... Best regards, David
A: Hello David All the psu's, patchbays and cabling are complete and the mixer is working (we have had it up and running to identify problems). All channel faults and fader problems have been resolved and we have brought it upto being a working console, to be fair the problems were mainly capacitors which had been damaged in storage(that was on six channels and they have been replaced) the rest of the electronics are remarkably good. We do not have the software or computer because the RSC I think threw it away. (it was a 286 pc). The mixer is capable of a type of recall but we did not want to get involved in that although I think all the software is available from Cadac. The VCA's work without software. I hope that answers your questions. Best Regards Paul

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