Sunday, 19 June 2011

Neve 8038 from Castle Oak

Castle Oak studio is selling its 1972 Neve 80 series. Its on ebay, with some very poor pics, and jpeg text. Anyway, its a fantastic console... for £128k

This is from the the ebay auction:
"The 90's and 2000's has brought everyone from Bonnie Rait and Solomon Burke to Joni Mitchell and James Taylor through our doors. These artists have returned to us to realize their projects with the warmth and character of recording through a truly world class console. Ask around, after 25 years in the business chances are someone you know has cut an album or a film with us can attest to what a pleasure it is to work on our Neve 8038!

After retirement from many years of scoring at Warner Brothers, Frank Jones (Owner of Castle Oaks Productions) has decided to diversify and expand his production sound services division and selectively pursue film projects as an independent supervisor. It is due to this we have decided to seek out a good home for our console, which has been our single best investment in all of our years in the Music industry! Please contact us to see it for yourself or listen to its unmatched warmth and character.

This one of a kind Neve 8038 has been the single most Important piece of Castle Oaks Productions for the last 25 years where it has played an integral ongoing role in the characteristic sounds of countless Grammy and Academy Award winning projects. As the consoles second owner, Castle Oaks and our top tier technicians have kept the console in meticulous condition and it has been regularly serviced to meet the demands and specifications of the world class producers, engineers, and artists regularly walking through outdoors expecting sonic perfection

First purchased In 1984 from CTS studios In London, the console was originally used for recording the scores of John Barry's for many of the the James Bond films. In the early )flatS of Castle Oaks Productions, we continued the tradition with a Jot of music for animation before becoming the "go-to· studio for much of the Brazilian and Japanese recording markets throughout the 198Os.In 1987 we received our first Grammy for Best World Music Album for Sergio Mendez's Brasillio· which gained recognition throughout the music industry for its exceptional sonic detail and fidelity

Shortly after, demand for the console continued to grow and we modified the consoles Aux send modules to allow for an exclusive 8 mono sends to be allocated per channel, which only further increased the customers demand to work in our facility. At the same time, brought Dale Mannequin onboard to install Flying Faders into the console as requests to mix through the console grew exponentially with the introduction of the new send modules

Monitor Section: 1949 Modules with Automated (24, with (4) foldback and (4) monitor switches with stereo or quad capabilities. (24) Mono Monitor faders made by Penny and Giles, Bus Master Faders (16)

Metering: Neve manufactured VU meters (24), Neve Main Monitor VU (4), Neve Echo Send VU (8), Neve Phase Meter (1)

Console Faders: Neve Flying Faders (38) manufactured by Martek with Stereo Flying Fader Master

Installed by Dale Manequin and Pat Schneider in 1992

Additional specifications: (19) Neve L02167 Transformers

Neve Patchbays (11)

Notes: Console has been extensively silk screened and painted in 1992, Equalizers have been recently recapped, All bus modules/EQ!Phase Switches have been replaced to Neve specifications"

UPDATE: 16th July 2011 - price drop! now £102K...

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