Friday, 20 May 2011

Neve 5315

This beautiful console is over on Sonic Circus

They are asking $55k (£34k - its a good time to buy in dollars!)
Heres what they have to say:

"Neve 5315 24 channel analog recording console, with transformer modification for 24 direct outputs, and dedicated metering. With 4 groups, 4 aux sends, and 2 mains, this console has sufficient routing flexibility to suit most studios. Also includes remote for an EMT 140 plate reverb, as well as a Neumann CU48K remote. Also includes a custom NTP bargraph meter for main outputs.

With ultra smooth fader action, and world class 33114 Pre/EQs on every channel, this console brings back memories of the way quality gear used to be made. Solid construction, incredible attention to detail, and outstanding sonics bring a console like this Neve 5316 to mind. Let the legacy of a bygone era live on in your control room.

Console features include:

• 24 channel frame, 33114 Pre/EQ modules, with 3-band selectable frequency, as well as HP/LP filters, bypass and phase.
• 4 Groups, 2 Main outs
• Direct out transformer modifications on all 24 channels, with dedicated bargraph metering
• EMT 140 plate reverb remote
• Neumann CU48K power supply and remote for SM69 FET"

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